Monday, 19 May 2014



Hi Lovelies! I'm writing this with a big smile on my face because I'm sitting in the garden with the sun beaming down on me & it feels great! If I close my eyes I can imagine being somewhere tropical like Hawaii but its a big disappointment once I open them & all I can see around me is my over grown garden bushes! I desperately need to travel somewhere nice soon, my mum is looking into cruises for next year so that would be beautiful if we decide to do that, I'll keep you updated!

All this heat has made me pull out my summer dresses that I haven't even looked at for ages! I think we are going to have a really long summer & I'm so excited because its about time we saw some heat!

The dress I'm wearing is from a car boot sale & I've been dying to wear it! I loved the leopard detail on the dress so I decided to pair it with my leopard heels from
I also discovered an incredible jewellery company that I am totally obsessed with! Most of the jewellery I wear on my blog is very 'Statementy' & heavy because that's my style! But when I came across I was completely IN LOVE with practically every piece from their collection! It's so different to what I usually wear but I love their attention to detail & the vintage twist in their pieces! It's super feminine & I'm slightly obsessed with them at the minute! I've got two stunning items so far & I'm planning on expanding my collection very soon! 

Printed Summer Dress - £4 - Bedfordshire Car Boot Sale
Leopard Platform Heels - £5 -
Gold Chain Handbag - This was a gift & I'm not cheeky enough to ask the price!
Gold Chain Belt - £3 - H&M sale
'Winging My Way Back To You' Necklace - £18.50 - Eclectic Eccentricity Click Here!

Here is a little sneak peak of my other item from that will be featured on my blog soon! It's the stunning Phebe Vintage Opal Head Chain How cute is the packaging? So tell me ladies... Have you got any Eclectic Eccentricity jewellery? Please let me know what you are loving from their site as I think they have helped me to change my style of jewellery slightly, all of a sudden I'm yearning for simple, detailed feminine pieces! Instead of chunky oversized gold!

See you all again soon for more fab fashion posts! Tweet me, I wanna hear from you!


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