Fashion&Tingz is a Fashion & Lifestyle blog written by Imani Evans, a 22 year old fashion enthusiast!

Ever since the age of 7 I started showing great interest in fashion. These were the 90's! The era of fearless fashion! I was mesmerized most evenings when I would sit & watch my mum getting ready! So when I was old enough to shop at the tender age of 10, I would begin my shopping spree's by colour coordinating my younger siblings with chic babygrows, fabulous bibs & booties to match! I then went on to style my amazing mum who is a savvy business woman & I still style her outfits to this day!

I wanted to share my fashion insights with others & thats how this blog was born! Many of my shopping adventures start at 10am & finish at 8pm. I am quite capable of visting 20-30 fashion destinations in that time frame! I find it absolutely exhilarating & I've never got bored, shopping is a girls best friend!

On my blog you will find weekly posts of what I love, like & live for!


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  1. I'm so glad that you stumbled upon my instagram page! I love your blog. I love how your personality is so discernible from your posts and your style really portrays it! I'm bookmarking it right now to keep following your future posts! xo.



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