Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Skort Alert!

Hi Fashionistas!


If you read my last post you will know that I was going to change my blog name, well I have finally decided on a name now and it's www.FashionByImani.com F.B.I 'A blog where I investigate all things fashion!'
I hope you like the new name my lovelies! So lets talk about what I'm wearing shall we? So this outfit is literally HEAD to TOE Primark! I do love a bit of primark! Some of the bargains are actually pretty insane & this outfit is one of them! Primark don't have a website to purchase online (which is annoying) so I cant link any of the items but they were all recent purchases so if you like anything go & get it quick!
The Beatles T-Shirt - £3 - Primark
Yellow Skort - £6 - Primark
Monochrome Heels - £15 - Primark
Monochrome Satchel - £5 - Primark
Is that crazy or is it crazy? I felt so summery wearing this outfit & it's my first pair or skorts ever!
North American
plural noun: skorts
  1. a pair of shorts with a flap across the front (and sometimes also the back) to give the appearance of a skirt.
 I must admit, when I first saw skorts were trending I didn't like them at all & I refused to get a pair! However, after seeing this yellow ones in primark I have definitely been convinced! I'm all for a good old skort! Here's some of my faves that I've found online!

So what do you think about Skorts? Do you have a pair? Or several? Are you a skort addict? Let me know & come back soon to F.B.I!
     Lots Of Fashionable Love,

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  1. Oh my gosh girllll! I love the skort and the shoes, wooow!

    ♥ shopaholicoverhere.blogspot.nl


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