Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Kitchen BBC2! 'Gogglebox with food'!

Hi my darlings!

Oh my goodness I missed you all so much, haven't blogged in a while & its just because everything has been a bit manic at the moment & now I can finally tell you why! Crazy, crazy, crazy! But hey, I've come back with a force! I've got something pretty cool to tell you about! My mum, little brother & I will be featured on a new documentary series tomorrow! I wasn't allowed to talk about the show while we were filming it but I'm allowed to talk now!
We will be going on the radio to talk about the show in the morning, we have to wake up at 5am for a 7am start, so I'm off to bed soon but wanted to post this first! The show is called 'The Kitchen' & it's a documentary style programme similar to Channel 4's Gogglebox, only it's in the kitchen. It shows what different families eat, talk about & get up to in the heart of the home!
So I would love you all to watch darlings! Monday 5th October - BBC2 - 9PM!
Here's lots more info about the show: MEET THE LOVELY OTHER FAMILIES!
Here's a interview we did with the Birmingham Mail: READ IT HERE!
I will be doing another outfit post very soon I promise you, until then follow me on twitter! & give my fab mum a cheeky follow to, she's quite the character!
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