Monday, 26 May 2014

double denim

Hi Darlings!

Today was a Double Denim kinda day! I decided to throw on my two favourite vintage items that I absolutely love! I grabbed these amazing shorts from a vintage pop up shop I went to a few months ago, as soon as I saw them I was completely in love with the design. I'm so obsessed with the denim stripes on the one side, so I was so happy they were my size because a lot of the time vintage clothing comes in super large sizes! The denim jacket was my little brothers when he was 5! So when he got too big to wear it I decided I could rock it as a cropped style jacket (but really its a kids jacket! shhh... don't tell anyone!) 

Vintage Denim Shorts - Harper & Lewis Vintage Store (Located in Birmingham Bullring) - £15
Black Strappy Stilettos - Blue Inc - £17.99 CLICK HERE!
Black Bralet - Primark - £4

What do you think about double denim? Some people think it's a big 'no no' to wear two denim items at once, well I don't have any rules! I think anything is acceptable when it comes to fashion! Thanks for visiting me here at Fashion&Tingz, come back soon wont ya!

Check out Harper & Lewis online store! Loads of vintage goodness to choose from including levi shorts, motorbike jackets, flannel shirts & more!


Monday, 19 May 2014



Hi Lovelies! I'm writing this with a big smile on my face because I'm sitting in the garden with the sun beaming down on me & it feels great! If I close my eyes I can imagine being somewhere tropical like Hawaii but its a big disappointment once I open them & all I can see around me is my over grown garden bushes! I desperately need to travel somewhere nice soon, my mum is looking into cruises for next year so that would be beautiful if we decide to do that, I'll keep you updated!

All this heat has made me pull out my summer dresses that I haven't even looked at for ages! I think we are going to have a really long summer & I'm so excited because its about time we saw some heat!

The dress I'm wearing is from a car boot sale & I've been dying to wear it! I loved the leopard detail on the dress so I decided to pair it with my leopard heels from
I also discovered an incredible jewellery company that I am totally obsessed with! Most of the jewellery I wear on my blog is very 'Statementy' & heavy because that's my style! But when I came across I was completely IN LOVE with practically every piece from their collection! It's so different to what I usually wear but I love their attention to detail & the vintage twist in their pieces! It's super feminine & I'm slightly obsessed with them at the minute! I've got two stunning items so far & I'm planning on expanding my collection very soon! 

Printed Summer Dress - £4 - Bedfordshire Car Boot Sale
Leopard Platform Heels - £5 -
Gold Chain Handbag - This was a gift & I'm not cheeky enough to ask the price!
Gold Chain Belt - £3 - H&M sale
'Winging My Way Back To You' Necklace - £18.50 - Eclectic Eccentricity Click Here!

Here is a little sneak peak of my other item from that will be featured on my blog soon! It's the stunning Phebe Vintage Opal Head Chain How cute is the packaging? So tell me ladies... Have you got any Eclectic Eccentricity jewellery? Please let me know what you are loving from their site as I think they have helped me to change my style of jewellery slightly, all of a sudden I'm yearning for simple, detailed feminine pieces! Instead of chunky oversized gold!

See you all again soon for more fab fashion posts! Tweet me, I wanna hear from you!


Sunday, 11 May 2014




Hiya! I hope my UK readers are enjoying the warmer? Maybe I should take that back because one day its completely bucketing with rain & the next day it's boiling, like today! So I suppose when you see the sun you have to enjoy it while it lasts & that's exactly what I did today! I had a little look through my wardrobe & decided to wear something that screamed summer & I went for my red jersey which I love! I've got quite a few basketball style tops but I think this is my fave because of the length & colour! When it get's even hotter maybe I can wear it as a dress? or am I pushing it? Ok, perhaps with some shorts then!
Today I felt like wearing my amazing skinny jeans that I wore to Manchester Fashion Week! I always find it difficult to find jeans that fit perfectly but these are definately my favourite pair, if I could wear them everyday then I would! Perhaps I'll buy a few pairs so I can do that! I tried on fake nails today for the FIRST time in my whole life! I'm so not into the fake nail thing, I just find it pretty annoying & time consuming, so grabbing some quick stick on nails seemed like a fun thing to try! I think it was mainly the zig zag pattern that drew me towards them! I love bold patterns so in the end I bought 3 packs with 3 different designs! I know, 3 packs! I just threw myself right into the fake nail world! The first few hours were extremely embarrassing... it took me about 3 minutes to get some money out of my purse whilst the lady at the Tesco tills thought it was just hilarious! I couldn't text, I could barely do my hair & infact I asked my 9 year old brother to help me! Yep I know, I ought to be ashamed to call myself a female!

Red Jersey - £6 - london market - Similar Here!
Shredded Skinny Jeans - £22.99 - Blue Inc. Click Here!
Zebra Print Heels - £10 - Primark - Similar Here!
Chunky Statement Necklace - ZARA - Sold Out
Zig Zag Nails - £1 - Primark Beauty (Absolute Bargain!)

I think I need to get a few summer dresses & embrace the warmer weather fully! I must admit though, deep down I'm most definitely NOT a dress girl & certainly not a fake nail girl! I was a tomboy when I was younger & only started wearing dresses & skirts when I was 16! I literally hated my legs but as you get older you learn to be grateful with what you have & just generally become more confident in your own skin! So I will be showing a bit more leg in my up coming posts! Ohh la la... But deep down, I'm a still a tomboy at heart! I actually love baggy clothes & jeans! I also have been known to shop in the men's section more than once!
So let me know what your looking forward to this summer! I'm looking forward to getting a few pairs of denim shorts which is literally so out of character for me! I NEVER wear shorts, its just a big NO NO for me but like I said, It's good to be comfortable & happy with yourself. Most of us would love to change something! Some of us want to be thinner, or have bigger boobs or smaller boobs in my case! Some of us want longer hair or longer legs but this year I've decided that I don't want anything different to what I've already been given!
Let's make a promise to ourselves ladies, let's love who we are, fully! 

Friday, 2 May 2014

thigh high

Hiya everyone! Hope your doing well & I'm glad that your back on Fashion&Tingz to see more fabulous fashion finds! These photo's were taken by talented photographer Niqolas who I work with for the Fashion&Tingz online store! We decided to get together one afternoon & take some streetstyle pictures! His work is absolutely incredible, you can check it out here:

Black & gold is such a fabulous combination & I'm totally in love with my over the knee boots! I think there just a timeless classic that will never really go out of style! I've been searching online EVERYWHERE to try & find some to include in the post & it's almost impossible which is very disappointing. I think it's because summers coming & they are more of a winter boot but oh well, I wear them all year round!

Long batwing cardigan - £8 - EBAY Click Here!
Black velvet crop top - £7 - BOOHOO Click Here!
Gold Jeans - £10 - H&M sale (sold out!)
Thigh high boots - £30 - I bought these in a random shop in Manchester! This is the closest to them I could find... Click Here! Click Here! for the leather version!
Black Envelope Bag - £5 - (sold out)
Fake fox tail - £6 Similar Here! 
Gold Chocker Necklace - Available from
Black fedora hat - Similar Here!

I hope you liked the post ladies & gents! I will be back very soon with more fashion goodness! Oh & I almost forgot, I was asked to be on board for Manchester Fashion Week OFFICIAL BLOGGERS! So that means I will be invited to lots of blogger events which I will of course be blogging about! & I would also LOVE to see some of you there too! So keep checking back here at Fashion&Tingz so I can give you the low down on events/shows that you can also attend! It would be so exciting to meet some of my lovely readers face to face! Just the thought of that genuinely makes me smile :)


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