Saturday, 22 February 2014


I'm in such a good mood today, well I'm always in a good mood but today I just cant stop smiling! I went to my favourite vintage thrift shop and took part in a photoshoot for their website! I was just helping out with the models but I ended up getting thrown into the mix to do some modelling also! I've been posting quite a few vintage peices recently and I usually get lucky finding them from carboot sales, charity shops, markets and the odd vintage shop but 'CREDIT CRUNCHERS' is probably the best vintage shop ive ever been too. Why? I hear you ask. Well the variety is amazing! Theres denim, furs, army prints, flannel shirts, chunky knits & so much more. The second reason is because they have super unique peices that you wont find anywhere else!

CREDIT CRUNCHERS are based right outside the Birmingham Bullring! So if your from Birmingham or surrounding areas and your a vintage lover like me then you need to take a looksy! And if you need to drag someone with you, I'm your girl! I havent met any of my readers yet, I have on twitter and instagram but I would love to meet some of you face to face! Plus I'm the friendliest person you could ever meet. So if your taking a trip to credit crunchers then feel free to reach out to me so we can meet up, have a startbucks & chat about FASHION & OTHER TINGZ!

Sheepskin & Fur Winter Coat - £50 - Credit Crunchers
Levi Denim Jacket - £20 - Credit Crunchers
Vintage Inspired Ankle Boots - £29.99 - New Look

Credit Crunchers: 23 Moat Lane, B5 5BD
The scarf I'm wearing was a present from my best friend who travelled around Thailand and brought me lots of goodies! She brought me this beautiful detailed scarf that worked perfectly with this shoot. She also got me a few other bits and bobs that I will be featuring on the blog soon! Check out her blog to hear about her travels and other lifestyle and fashion posts!
Thanks so much for visiting me here at Fashion&Tingz! See you again soon dolls!
Luv Ya Lotzies!
Imani x


  1. Love it!!! Glad you like your pressies! Xxx

  2. loveeee your shoes!!! your hair is giving me lifee soo thickk :)


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