Saturday, 1 March 2014

Oversized & Fabulous!

I've noticed the weather in the UK is getting slightly warmer! I don't want to get too excited though because us Brits know that whenever we get our cute little summer dresses out with excitement the weather plays a joke on us and we get soaked with rain! So I'm still sticking with my winter wardrobe for now! I decided to pull out this stunning vintage coat I bought years ago! It's actually a men's coat and it is ridiculously HUGE on me but I cant help but LOVE IT!!!! When I tried it on in 'Noahs Ark' charity shop I got a few strange stares! The first reason they were staring is because I walked over to the men's section & the second reason was because I put on this coat and I looked pretty hilarious in it! I was wearing converses and jeans at the time so the coat was basically dragging on the floor and the arms were hanging off my wrists!
HOWEVER, I do have a few tips on how to transform something huge & shapeless, I DO IT ALL THE TIME!
1. Roll up the sleeves! It immediately adds a very cool & relaxed approach to your outfit! & nobody will be able to tell its too big!
2. Add some killer heels! Heels spice up any outfit & usually gives us girls confidence! So put those heels on and stand tall ladies!
3. Add a statement broach! Broaches look incredible with a vintage coat! & they make your outfit look so expensive when really, it isn't!
So that's what I do when I find a coat in the men's section that I just cant live without! Vintage shopping is all about seeing the potential in an item. At first it may look drab but just be creative and see what you can transform it into! Don't be afraid to shop in the mens section, I'm always buying menswear... coats, shirts, jumpers... who actually cares! Fashion is for everyone and if I like something I will buy it regardless of who it was initially targeted for! So ladies, get in your boyfriend closets and see what you can take! Just see it as a gift to yourself for all those times he made you sit and watch football instead of your favourite reality show!
Vintage Men's Coat - £15 - Noah's Ark Charity Shop in Luton (High Town Road)
Gold & Black Trousers - £5 - Primark (Sale)
Black Chiffon Shirt - £5 - £7 - Primark
Black Heeled Shoes - £15 - Primark
Lion Head Broach - £4 - Claire's Accessories
So I want to know about any amazing vintage pieces you have bought and let me know where you got it from... I'm always looking for new places to shop! Don't forget, if you read my blog follow me on instagram & twitter too! @fashionandtingz

Lots Of Fashionable Love,
Imani x


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