Sunday, 9 March 2014

SUMMER TIME! & the living is easy...

YAY YAY YAY! It's here, its here! Summer!!! Hello summer, long time no see. I'm so glad we could finally meet again! I was in such a good mood today when I looked out my window and was blinded by the sun! In fact, my mood was so great I actually decided to do something random and go to a wedding fair. Yep, a wedding fair! & then while I was there I thought it would be a great idea to take some photos for this weeks blog post!

Of course my outfit was inspired by the sun, I decided to put on this super bright outfit that I've had for over a year but never worn! Today seemed like the perfect day! The skirt and top is from and the shoes are from
Skirts and crop tops are such a cute girly look and the neon skirt and heels just made me fall in love with this outfit! The material of the skirt is amazing, its really thick and pleated so it has a lot of volume and I love it!
Neon Pleated Skater Skirt - JUST £10! - CLICK HERE! Other colours available!
White Crop Top - £10 - (Sold Out)
Neon Heels - £29.99 -
So I hope you are all enjoying the weather so far, lets hope tomorrow is just as good my lovelies! I'm looking forward to posting more summery looks this month!



  1. Fantastic look!
    Was great meeting you and your glamorous mum today in Manchester !!

  2. I love the look. And I am seriously in love with your hair


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