Monday, 26 May 2014

double denim

Hi Darlings!

Today was a Double Denim kinda day! I decided to throw on my two favourite vintage items that I absolutely love! I grabbed these amazing shorts from a vintage pop up shop I went to a few months ago, as soon as I saw them I was completely in love with the design. I'm so obsessed with the denim stripes on the one side, so I was so happy they were my size because a lot of the time vintage clothing comes in super large sizes! The denim jacket was my little brothers when he was 5! So when he got too big to wear it I decided I could rock it as a cropped style jacket (but really its a kids jacket! shhh... don't tell anyone!) 

Vintage Denim Shorts - Harper & Lewis Vintage Store (Located in Birmingham Bullring) - £15
Black Strappy Stilettos - Blue Inc - £17.99 CLICK HERE!
Black Bralet - Primark - £4

What do you think about double denim? Some people think it's a big 'no no' to wear two denim items at once, well I don't have any rules! I think anything is acceptable when it comes to fashion! Thanks for visiting me here at Fashion&Tingz, come back soon wont ya!

Check out Harper & Lewis online store! Loads of vintage goodness to choose from including levi shorts, motorbike jackets, flannel shirts & more!



  1. ughhh i love this im all for double denim anything really is acceptable just gotta have the confidence x

  2. Love your whole outfit! Gorgeous xo


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